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Comment: Hello, My name is Kelly. I...

kellyanne started this conversation
Note: This aidpage was started as a comment on "US Federal Government Grants, Scholarships, Loans, Free Services"

Hello, My name is Kelly. I am a nurse, and my husband is too. I desparately want to start a personal care home, but am finding it financially impossible. With three precious small kids we are always just making it. My husband and I are both dreamers, and believe in bigger and brighter things. My passion is to create a place where the elderly can have a place to live rather than a place to wait and die. I have work in the geriatric field and I believe with all my heart I can affect so many lives. I've been in facilities where an elderly person forgotten by family stares blankly and has lost hope. One day so many of us may face the same fate, and I want to make a difference. Any suggestions???
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just wondering if you found grants for your personal care home-I too am looking to open a personal care home and was hoping you could help

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dont refer to urself as dreamers but as achievers .i want to assure you with god all things are possible.just keep the vision alive,god is your srtength

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